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Sunday, June 22, 2014

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

How very interesting. A pastor in Beebe, Arkansas got a permit to open his church, and then is told to close it because his god is not the god of his alderman, whose help the church has sought. As long as the city thought the church would be Christian, no one had a problem, but the minute the city discovered the church is Pagan, the unlawful discrimination and bigotry as usual started. The battle cry is that the church is not "zoned properly". But then, the church was "zoned properly" for Christianity....just not for any other religion. That's okay; now that the story has aired on KARK, there may be assistance from other Pagans who can help Beebe in it's quest for the Old Religion.

As for the alderman's "god" being the same as a Pagan god or goddess, of course it isn't.

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