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Friday, June 6, 2014

When Judges And Lawyers Clash

What does one do when one's lawyer and the judge get into a fistfight? On the surface, it appears quite funny, and everyone in this Brevard County, Florida courtroom cheered and clapped when the judge challenged a defense attorney to a physical fight, and the two of them went out into the hallway to settle their differences like kindergartners. Sure, it's amusing, but even though neither of them has been charged with a crime, as of yet, they were separated from each other, kinda like sparring siblings, separated from each other by Mom. That means that a client represented by this particular defense attorney in a case heard or tried by this particular judge had to either hire a different attorney or ask for a change of venue. This could have the unfortunate effect of delay of trials and all other court decisions, as Judge John C. Murphy is now on a temporary leave of absence so he can attend anger management classes, and all of his cases have been reassigned to other judges.

Prior to committing assault, the judge was in the process of scheduling a trial date for someone facing two charges of assault. Won't it be awkward if Judge Murphy encounters a former defendant from his own courtroom at anger management class?

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