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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Oleander makes a beautiful  houseplant. It's stems and leaves are poisonous; however, so it is not a good choice for a family with infants or toddlers. This plant is about three feet tall, and favors a west facing window and will tolerate dry or damp conditions. It flowers at least six times a year.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Rules Do Not Apply To Jerry Moran

As we are all aware, Pope Francis is in the United States, and visited Washington, DC yesterday. As only a few of us are aware, taking pictures is against the rules in the Senate Chamber on the house floor is prohibited. According to Rule IV of the Senate, it is unbecoming decorum for a representative to snap photographs there. In 1963, the rule was suspended in order to obtain the very first official picture of the United States Senate in session. Later, that same year, National Geographic requested permission to take a picture there. But guess who began snapping photos while the Pope Francis addressed the Senate, without bothering to request permission? If you guessed Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, you guessed correctly. Mr. Moran, like many other Kansas Republicans, is possessed of an idea that rules and laws that apply to others do not apply to him. Others followed the unprofessional example he set, but Moran was first to determine that senate rules are not really meant to be followed.

When this rule was first made, the internet and social media did not exist. It was merely considered rude and distracting to take pictures while members of the house were speaking, listening, or taking notes. Now that we have digital photography, mobile phones, and social media, it is not only rude to snap pictures in certain places, particularly using flash; there are other considerations. In 1981, Pope John Paul II was almost assassinated. Suppose someone with a motive to harm any person in that building had been lurking near all of the hoopla yesterday? Jerry Moran's pictures of the Pope, where he was standing, and the entire building; and his immediate uploads of the same to Twitter could have given the wrong person a perfect opportunity to "case" the perimeter and determine the exact position of every person on the floor. In essence, Jerry Moran could easily have contributed to an assassination attempt or a murder by not following the rules. But then, Moran does not appear to think that rules are important. Did he actually have an ulterior motive, or was he just setting a bad example for fun?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jasmine Blossoms

It's a pair of Jasmine blossoms I have growing. This plant loves the hot Kansas summer days and western, afternoon sun, yet also accommodates lots of water. It was torn up by a huge hail storm, once, yet grew back when given the chance. The flowers are very fragrant, with a very calming scent. Every home should have at least one jasmine plant.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mabon Blessings

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, known in Pagan circles as Mabon. It is referenced as the "second harvest", Lammas being the first, and Samhain, or Halloween, being the third and final. As an equinox, it is a solar holiday, while Lammas is lunar. This makes it a Sabbat, which, to those who observe the Sabbats, means that rituals are practiced that are all about balance, personal balance, collective balance, and global balance. It is what we all work toward.

Mabon is the Thanksgiving of our European ancestors. Rather than focusing on trade, which was done at carnival, we spend time with family. After the holiday, this is still a very busy time of year. Everything must be harvested by the third harvest. 

Have a wonderful Mabon, all. Blessed Be!

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Yes, this is a book he wrote.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Texas School Tries Hard To Ruin A Child's Life

A fourteen year old high school freshman in Irving, Texas was arrested on Monday because he built a clock and took it to school. And also, because his name is Ahmed Mohamed. He built the clock out of a pencil box, for an engineering class, and a nasty female teacher called the police, reporting that Ahmed had brought a bomb to school. Since the teacher's IQ is probably average or slightly below average, and she is probably a racist and christian, she thought that a child who is intelligent should be punished for his intelligence, humiliated in front of his peers, and robbed of any chances to attend college. So she went out of her way to hurt him.

President Obama heard about this and invited Ahmed to the White House to show him the homemade clock. The teacher who called the police will probably not get to  go to the White House, and the only people who want to meet her are probably small minded creeps, like herself.

Here's the response from the police. Notice that it contains no apology.

It is obviously the intention of the school and the community of Irving, Texas to continue to harass any promising student who happens to have a dark complexion, an Arabic name, or a religion other than Christianity. It has been argued, by the few who support the police here, that school safety is of utmost importance in all of America's schools. That simply isn't true, and the proof is in this message. In March of 2015, an eighteen year old senior named Casey Farrant took a gun to Frankfort High School in Frankfort, Kansas and threatened another student. Federal law maintains that after such an incident, the student must be expelled and barred from entering the building for a whole year. Seven weeks later, Casey Farrant attended graduation. He did not build a clock. Casey is probably not smart enough to build a clock. Instead, Casey presented an actual threat, but since he is white and has christians in his family, the threat he presents is not taken seriously by Frankfort High School, Dean Dalinghaus, the principal, or USD 380. Had a Muslim child done something of that caliber....pun somewhat intended....the law would have been followed. It's all about maintaining a racist environment.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Tips For Kyron

Following the most recent search for Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland Oregon in June of 2010, his aunt made the above announcement and request. On Kyron's thirteenth birthday, which was September 9, this picture was passed around Facebook. If anyone was in Portland on June 4, 2010, and knows anything about this incident, or Kyron's whereabouts today, please take the time to email the tip to It could make all the difference in the world.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kansas State Half Time Show

K State's half time show, while playing South Dakota over the weekend. Supposedly, the formation on the viewer's right is the Starship Enterprise, while the formation on the left is KU's Jayhawk. Quite a few folks have become hypersensitive about it. Misinterpretation or underhanded choreography? Let the viewer decide!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Six Million Dollar Man

Some new case law is now setting a precedent in the United States. Prior to the disposition of any of the cases filed against the officers charged with the murder of Freddie Gray, of Baltimore, Maryland, the government has agreed to settle with Freddie Gray's family to the tune of 6.4 million for wrongful death. It appears that immunity has been replaced by accountability. While not as much as might be won by going to court, rather than settling, it still looks to be a suggestion of culpability on the part of the state.


Monday, September 7, 2015

No, I Didn't Hear Your Imaginary Apology

Allow me to make something easier for you to understand, without going into too much detail. If you want to apologize to me for something, asking me to read your mind and accept your apology telepathically is unreasonable. Yes, I knew you were thinking about it, and I noticed the change in your behavior. Still, your vicious rumor campaign against me, your attempts at shaming anyone who became friends with me after I married Keith, and your outrageous lies demand an amend, rather than a flimsy apology. Words, in this case, are empty. I will not believe you are truly sorry until you approach every single person to whom you've slandered me and tell them that you were simply trying to hurt someone you didn't actually know, and explain that you did not have a reason for all the nasty things you said. Short of that, the gesture you didn't make, but which you thought I should take for granted, means nothing.

An amend, in this case, is going to be difficult for you or your ilk to make. Can you give back everything you've taken? Can you fix what you broke? Probably not, but I still would have been more inclined to respect you if you had, at least, spoken up, and not expected me to read your behavioral cues or your mind. Whether or not I actually can read your mind is beside the point. At the very least, you owe me an explanation for the things you said and did. Your outrage at finding your picture in my "troll gadget" is amusing, but if you had treated me with respect, I might have considered removing your picture. Why are you so concerned about it, anyways? You wanted to hurt my feelings and piss me off, and you succeeded. Since I felt that there was a "debt" of sorts, that needed to be paid, and you acted like a troll toward me on another person's Facebook page, I went ahead and took a picture of you out of the public domain for the list of trolls. Aren't you happy that you succeeded in making me sad? Wasn't that your intention? The fact that I noticed your efforts should make you feel that you accomplished your goal!

As for your dramatic performance, the one in which you went from person to person, complaining about how rotten I am, because I didn't accept your imaginary apology or believe you had changed because you learned how to feign some fake manners; I only have one comment: where's the eye rolley when I need it? Let me reiterate what I told you in person; I am not a God or a Goddess, that I might forgive you. Nor is it within my powers to balance your Karma.

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Who's Responsible For The Journal Entry?

Hey, Judge Angela Hecke, of Marshall County, Kansas...when the attorney representing one of the parties before you, in your courtroom, wants to know who is going to be responsible for typing up the journal entry, outlining your decision, why do you not direct anyone to do so? Why do you deny a copy of the court order to those who seek justice? And when court is over, why do you then tell the sheriff your decision was something other than what you stated in court? Don't you think that the person you stomped on will look at this post? I'll betcha she will. The next time an attorney offers to type up an order, you should thank him and let him do it.

It might also be a good idea to stop mocking our justice system. And if you really believe what the bible says, you should be aware that perverting justice is wrong.