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Monday, September 7, 2015

No, I Didn't Hear Your Imaginary Apology

Allow me to make something easier for you to understand, without going into too much detail. If you want to apologize to me for something, asking me to read your mind and accept your apology telepathically is unreasonable. Yes, I knew you were thinking about it, and I noticed the change in your behavior. Still, your vicious rumor campaign against me, your attempts at shaming anyone who became friends with me after I married Keith, and your outrageous lies demand an amend, rather than a flimsy apology. Words, in this case, are empty. I will not believe you are truly sorry until you approach every single person to whom you've slandered me and tell them that you were simply trying to hurt someone you didn't actually know, and explain that you did not have a reason for all the nasty things you said. Short of that, the gesture you didn't make, but which you thought I should take for granted, means nothing.

An amend, in this case, is going to be difficult for you or your ilk to make. Can you give back everything you've taken? Can you fix what you broke? Probably not, but I still would have been more inclined to respect you if you had, at least, spoken up, and not expected me to read your behavioral cues or your mind. Whether or not I actually can read your mind is beside the point. At the very least, you owe me an explanation for the things you said and did. Your outrage at finding your picture in my "troll gadget" is amusing, but if you had treated me with respect, I might have considered removing your picture. Why are you so concerned about it, anyways? You wanted to hurt my feelings and piss me off, and you succeeded. Since I felt that there was a "debt" of sorts, that needed to be paid, and you acted like a troll toward me on another person's Facebook page, I went ahead and took a picture of you out of the public domain for the list of trolls. Aren't you happy that you succeeded in making me sad? Wasn't that your intention? The fact that I noticed your efforts should make you feel that you accomplished your goal!

As for your dramatic performance, the one in which you went from person to person, complaining about how rotten I am, because I didn't accept your imaginary apology or believe you had changed because you learned how to feign some fake manners; I only have one comment: where's the eye rolley when I need it? Let me reiterate what I told you in person; I am not a God or a Goddess, that I might forgive you. Nor is it within my powers to balance your Karma.


Anonymous said...

The picture reminds me of Robin Williams' talking penis routine.

-Your Cousin

Juli Henry said...

Lol! The picture is supposed to be all about frankfurters! I'm sure the person to whom it is addressed will understand.........