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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Texas School Tries Hard To Ruin A Child's Life

A fourteen year old high school freshman in Irving, Texas was arrested on Monday because he built a clock and took it to school. And also, because his name is Ahmed Mohamed. He built the clock out of a pencil box, for an engineering class, and a nasty female teacher called the police, reporting that Ahmed had brought a bomb to school. Since the teacher's IQ is probably average or slightly below average, and she is probably a racist and christian, she thought that a child who is intelligent should be punished for his intelligence, humiliated in front of his peers, and robbed of any chances to attend college. So she went out of her way to hurt him.

President Obama heard about this and invited Ahmed to the White House to show him the homemade clock. The teacher who called the police will probably not get to  go to the White House, and the only people who want to meet her are probably small minded creeps, like herself.

Here's the response from the police. Notice that it contains no apology.

It is obviously the intention of the school and the community of Irving, Texas to continue to harass any promising student who happens to have a dark complexion, an Arabic name, or a religion other than Christianity. It has been argued, by the few who support the police here, that school safety is of utmost importance in all of America's schools. That simply isn't true, and the proof is in this message. In March of 2015, an eighteen year old senior named Casey Farrant took a gun to Frankfort High School in Frankfort, Kansas and threatened another student. Federal law maintains that after such an incident, the student must be expelled and barred from entering the building for a whole year. Seven weeks later, Casey Farrant attended graduation. He did not build a clock. Casey is probably not smart enough to build a clock. Instead, Casey presented an actual threat, but since he is white and has christians in his family, the threat he presents is not taken seriously by Frankfort High School, Dean Dalinghaus, the principal, or USD 380. Had a Muslim child done something of that caliber....pun somewhat intended....the law would have been followed. It's all about maintaining a racist environment.


Anonymous said...

If you don't know the whole story don't post about it, and your facts right.

Juli Henry said...

What part of the story do I not need to know? What color socks the kid with the ugly haircut wore that day? What I do know is that for most children, even in Marshall County, guns are not allowed in school; yet for this creep, a gun was allowed in school. Consequences were not meted out the same way they would have been if the kid with the ugly haircut had been a decent, intelligent, tri-lingual Spanish or Lebanese young man. The kid with the ugly haircut had no business inside the the building that is paid for by MY tax dollars for at least a year after his special crime was committed. That's federal law. It wasn't followed. No worries, though; the federal agencies that control purse strings for public schools do get the information that Frankfort tries to sweep under the rug. How do you think the rest of the nation feels about sending tax dollars to a school where kids are allowed to point guns at others?

While I am busy posting about anything I choose, including this, you should sober up.