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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reader Reaction To The Posts Concerning James Moulton

It seems that yours truly hit a raw nerve somewhere in the collective subconscious with this post, and this post. Both of them are musings of mine, as they relate to what has been reported about Terri Moulton Horman, and her adult son, James Moulton, and their relationship to the Kyron Horman case. As previously stated in this blog, Kyron went missing in June of 2010, from his school in Portland, Oregon. Everyone with a relationship to Kyron has cooperated in the investigation with the exception of one person, Kyron's stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman. Her son, James, was about sixteen years old when this happened, but is an adult now. Because it is very conceivable that, over the past two years, James has been privy to information about the case that investigators have not, and because Kyron is still missing, an attorney representing Kyron's mother was recently permitted to depose James. This made many people who claim some sort of whacky "comraderie" with Terri Horman very, very upset. So did my posts. Here's a question: what difference does it make if James Moulton is deposed, yet has no information? It is not a traumatic experience, and is certainly no more distressing than anything else to which his silly-assed maternal unit has exposed him. So why should answering a few questions about his young step-brother be such a hardship for James?

The last time yours truly encountered a reaction with verbatim and vitriol that compares to this, it was in person, and over this case....Robert Neil Boyd. It involved kiddie porn, an open warrent, and an offender living on the lam for several years. People who knew him, and knew about the crimes, never spoke up. He was found in another state, doing the same thing he had done before. But his friends and family thought that is was "just terrible" to turn him in to authorities. Another case where yours truly encountered restistance over testimony was this. This one was about a creep who actually kidnapped children at night, via their bedroom windows, molested them, and put them back before morning! Even a couple of Christian ministers in the area where this happened thought that it would "be best to let the whole thing pass", and not testify in order to get this creep locked up. As a result, the whole mess went on for several more years. Stopping the perpetrator immediately would have drastically reduced the number of victims. Yet.....people continued to not want the matter and the person confronted. In the end, a child went ahead and testified. The creep was locked away. His family's feelings, and the community's feelings, were deemed rather unimportant.

Judging from experience, I am really inclined to think that some of these people who are so mad at me for my posts about James Moulton and his deposition really just want Kyron's missing person case to go away without Kyron bring found. To which I can only say: get over it. Too many people want Kyron, and all missing children, to be found.

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