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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

To A Local Kid

Mention was made to my daughter about the posts you see on this site about missing persons, especially children. She tells me that you feel that if you or one of your classmates or buddies went missing, I wouldn't look for you, post about you, share your picture, or pass out flyers if you weren't found right away, as I do for others who are missing. Please rest assured that I would do the same for you, no matter how much harassment your parents and the rest of your community reserve for me because I care about safety in schools and safety for children.

As often as you've been told that children are completely safe here, and that it is not a problem if your school's faculty violates state and federal laws by abandoning children along highways in random parts of the county, this is not the case. In fact, your state, Kansas, is home to one of the most problematic cities in the entire country for human trafficking: Wichita. It's in fifth place, out of all the nation's cities, for human trafficking of all kinds.Your parents simply won't open their eyes, but the fact that they do not care is not a reason to shut off my own empathy and let you down. I would certainly look for you, and I would do everything I could to raise awareness.

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