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Friday, June 12, 2015

Why Public School Teachers Should Not Have Tenure

After former officer Eric Casebolt resigned because he could not stop himself from the assault and battery of an innocent child at a public swimming pool, former fourth grade teacher Karen Fitzgibbons took to posting on Facebook about the incident, stating that she wanted forced segregation again. Luckily, the school board was not amused, and fired her. It rather frightening to think of what any minority students endured in her class, and equally frightening to imagine what she taught all of her students. Another termination from employment because of this is that of Tracey Carver Albritton, who had been employed with Corelogic, because she started the commotion with racist comments.

It's good to see that manners and empathy are still in the vogue among a few Americans. If Karen Fitzgibbons had some sort of tenure, or other guarantee of not getting fired for being a crappy teacher, the school would not have been able to dispense with her "services". We still apparently have a long way to go. Here's a public school teacher in Frankfort, Kansas, who also makes racist comments on the internet, yet does so with the approval of her employer, USD 380, Vermillion, Kansas.

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