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Monday, July 6, 2015

Another Private Message

You know, aside from eating more in one sitting than a rhinoceros, you certainly find ways to partake in stupid actions and stupid ideas more than I ever thought possible. From theft to blackmail to not knowing when to come in out of the rain, followed by blaming others for the same, you certainly don't seem to have access to much IQ power. You can sit there and compare one person to another all you please, but do you know what all of your former friends, acquaintances, family members, and people who will not pick you up when you hitchhike have in common? An educated and experienced opinion of you, that's what! You know exactly who you are, and I know you will see this post, so don't even pretend you don't know why someone would write a thing like this about you.

No one wanted to sit beside you on the train because you smell disgusting. Your odor is enough to ruin, not only a train ride, but an entire vacation. And as I discovered from experience, entire rooms must be fumigated after habitation by you, and it takes months to air them out and eradicate your body odor. You smell filthy.

Money, personal possessions, and food disappear while you are around. And I mean lots of food; enough food to feed an entire family for a week will disappear in less than a day, only for the trend to stop as soon as you disappear. Has your doctor explained the effect of obesity on all cardiac ailments, including the one you claim to have? You might want to look into that, before you demand more from emergency rooms and urgent care centers, And while we are on the topic of expert advice, has your attorney discussed the subject of victimizing children with you? Leave my children alone, and leave everyone's children alone. Don't steal money from their wallets, either. No one will want you around, anymore, after you do things like that.

As for blackmail, you appear, very much, to occupy both ends of that spectrum. We see you manipulating de facto suspects (an Oregon judge's words, not mine) in serious crimes, and we see you accepting bribes from officials in other states for testimony that isn't true in manufactured charges. When will you learn? Word gets around, especially now that the internet exists. Many people know who you are, and will not want to take chances of getting used and abused, stolen from, badmouthed, or even murdered. We all know that our chances of incurring such things increase the minute you get into the car. Timing belts also occasionally need to be replaced after you get in the car, as well. That's how fat you are. Speaking of belts, did you really think it was okay for that teen to destroy a farmer's property in Kansas, and his mother's vehicle? Your lies did that child no favors, and I hope the paltry payment you were given was worth it. Word gets around, and quite a few people know what really happened, including, but not limited to, the person whose property was destroyed.

By the way, when cops ignore you, it is, in your case, a good thing. You should stop complaining about it. You and I both know that there are many reasons why you merit more attention from them than you get, and that attention would make life extremely inconvenient for you. Count your blessings.

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