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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Private Message

Remember that night, just over a year ago, when you saw the drunk eighteen year old, driving, but failed to call the cops on him? You thought you were doing him a favor, didn't you? You know who you are, Northeast Kansas female who works at a care home! You thought that, although this young person thumbs his nose at our laws pretty much all the time, he is somehow special, and should not face the same accountability for his guilt that others should face, even others who are not guilty of any crime. So instead of copying his plate number and duly giving it to law enforcement, you followed him, to make sure he got home safely. You didn't give a tinker's damn about anyone else's safety, particularly any victim he might have. You only cared about the one who violates the law.

Later, that same year, he got into an auto wreck. He was drunk; his mother went about several different towns, going out of her way to inform anyone who would listen that her boy was not drunk, only for the next day's newspaper to announce charges for drunk driving in that accident. His victims, as fate would have it, were his close friends. How about that? All of them suffered very serious injuries, and if you had made the call, when you first noticed his drunk ass driving around, it might not have had to happen. You arranged for legal favor for someone just because you felt that favor should be granted to the filth you love, even if such favor is dangerous and undeserved. How do you sleep at night?

I don't care how "close knit" you find your town. Would an untimely funeral have made it more "close knit"? Is perversion of justice worth it?

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