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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kansas Whiner Cries Tears When A Thief Goes To Prison

Here's a comment that I got from a disgusting hypocrite last night:

I don't know who you are, or where you live (assume Frankfort) but where are your so called morals. You should really get all of the facts about a persons life before you go posting such horrible things about any person, their family and especially their children. You have done nothing more in reading all of this other than use this blog to use your fingers do damage to a woman and her family with out knowing the whole story. You have named her children which I am sure have been through enough and exposed them to your trash, damaged her husband if he chose to read your trash all to express your dissatisfaction of something the seemed to have happened to you. And this all from someone who doesn't seem to even know the family nor knows the whole story. You have a right to your opinion if that is what you want to call it, but you at least should know the facts and not leave it up to a majority of hearsay and false information and not use a sight like this to vent your own problems

And here's my response:

I read your silly-assed comment last night, but was too busy and preoccupied, with matters more meaningful, to respond. I see you jumped on here this morning, waiting to see if I had published it. Okay, here's your fifteen minutes. Let me respond to the key points here, that may or many not make a difference to anyone else, out there, in internetland. Yes, I live close enough to Frankfurter Village to read and otherwise be apprised of the news and general happenings there. Not that it makes a difference; newspapers in all parts of Kansas sung the praises of Monica Smart. She does, indeed, have a reputation, but blaming me is silly. My audience is not anywhere near as big as that of WIBW, The Topeka Capitol Journal, or the FBI's press release. While Marshall County does, indeed, make nominally successful efforts to keep most of its crime out of the news, the rest of the media and the FBI have no problem publicizing the identities of crooks, along with naming their special crimes. And Monica Smart's crime was pretty special, for a frankfurter. Most frankfurters muddle along with misdemeanors, such as vandalism or drunk driving, when they celebrate their various rites of passage, but Smartypants outdid them all. This is where the rest of the world comes in: she committed fraud and stole half a million dollars. The FBI took notice, and truly does not care about the fact that Monica Smart is a pink and fluffy Caucasion blonde who lives in Frankfort and loves Jesus. She was charged in federal court, and the rest of America has the right to the information. It IS everyone's business if Monica Gale Smart is a thief! I know that you were probably very surprised when the judge sentenced her, and she went to Carswell, but being a pink and white frankfurter does not exclude her from consequences. One of those consequences is, appropriately, people such as yours truly maintaining a publicly expressed opinion about that no matter who wants to protect a pink and fluffy criminal. Crime is still crime, and pink and fluffy blondes who get caught embarking upon lives of crime should not be spared any of the consequences experienced by their more swarthy, slim, and graceful fellow Americans, who become victims of selective justice altogether too often. If Smarty couldn't do the time, she should not have done the crime. And by the way, when Monica's delusional mother attempted to buy an ankle bracelet and home detention, instead of prison time, I was happy to see the judge ignore her. The judge has a moral responsibility to consider fair sentencing for all who come before the bench, not just special favors for those whose parents are rich enough to buy more lenient sentences. When I read that Monica Smart's mother (ahem) tried to do that, I was very offended. How dare someone try to pervert or corrupt justice?

My real point in writing that post was really not to insult Monica Smart. The post was actually about the frankenfurter community, the school, especially, and the approval of Smart's unlawful behaviors. I know that I am quite old fashioned and conservative, compared to the average Kansan, but allowing a convicted felon continuous access to a public school sets a bad example. I am not talking about the occasional parent with a criminal record, who attends a parent/teacher conference; Smartypants had lunch in the cafeteria with her husband, a teacher, on a regular basis. In fact, since he was named in at least one civil proceeding, I think it would have been better for the students at the school if his position had been terminated. Crime is not widely accepted in real communities, with real schools, whose students have real parents. Most of us do not want convicted felons near our children. I wrote the post because Dean Dalinghaus, the principal at Frankfort Experiment, told yours truly that he was pressuring children to attend christian churches because he has a responsibility to "teach morals". In my world, teaching morals does not include sending a message of approval of federal theft or wire fraud, so I was curious to hear his excuse. I was also deeply concerned that in the event that Smartypants's status changed while waiting for a bed in prison, and she was supposed to be somewhere else, the SWAT team would converge upon the school, raining bullets left and right. Stranger things have happened. Your loved one is not only a criminal, but a convicted felon. Get used to these precautions. Jesus doesn't care about your feelings, either.

I actually did not name anyone in her family. A couple of other, more widely read publications did, though. But why is that so important? Are you suggesting that Monica Smart's family deserves more consideration than others get? That's very interesting: is it because she is pink, fluffy, and of course, white? Or is it because you think she has a personal right to steal from people?

Oh, by the way, I do not need to get all the facts about Monica Smart's so-called life before I determine that the FBI's findings and subsequent court conviction were correct. All her life really contained was a series of non-events in Kansas and some criminal activity that was serious enough to send her to prison. Nothing else. And if you want to protect her family, or her children, please remember that those very people not only silently allowed her to steal from her employers and customers, but have enabled crime in other places, too. I have never seen any of them stand up for justice and for the truth.


Anonymous said...

If you hate Frankfort so much, why dont you leave. Its pretty simple.

Juli Henry said...

Better still, if you do not like America or its laws, why don't YOU leave? Everywhere in Kansas is part of MY country, and I obey the laws. Smartypants is the one who had a problem, there. And why would you require me to like a thief? After all, "God" isn't terribly fond of them. Why Frankfort embarrass my husband so much by acting hateful after we got married? He told me Frankfurters were nice and law abiding! Boy, was he wrong! Looks like YOU are the one who should leave, and take all your felon buddies with you! Of course, other countries, even those of your ancestors, wouldn't want your ass either!