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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Robert Neil Boyd, Yet Again

Going to jail for dealing in kiddie porn wasn't enough for Robert Neil Boyd. My tracker tells me that there are still people searching for him, and I still get emails and comments describing opinions held about him by the general public. What's disturbing, is that I also get messages from those who seek Robert Neil Boyd's online presence, yet do not feel that child pornography is "that bad" of a crime, and that his year and a half or so in jail in two different states was, in some way, "unfair"!

Mr. Boyd just updated his website on January 27. I did not include a link, because I do not think that directing traffic to a known kiddie porn creep is a good idea, but I re-updated his banner for him. He included the title, "Phd" after his name, which I was obliged to cover in favor of more relevant information about him. I do not believe he has a Phd, anyway. Something Mr. Boyd DOES have; however, is a profile on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry. Because Maryland is very sex-offender-friendly, one must truly be corrupt in order to gain such notoriety there. Yet Mr. Boyd does not include this information in any of his online bio's or resumes.

Just to give any online gawkers an idea of how Neil actually looks, I included his Maryland Sex Offender Registry photo. I also included an older booking photo from another state, (he has made his taste for underage females quite a habit) upon which I surrounded his head with sunflower petals! Since Operation Sunflower is the international law enforcement project dedicated to removing scum like Neil from the internet and from in front of our faces in real time, I thought the sunflower petals were appropos.

Seriously; I don't know how many people who know this man still have their heads up their anal passages, but now that he has a criminal record for sex offences against children, no one should be deluded enough to actually seek out his online or in person friendship. Statistics show that sex offenders never change...yet....Robert Neil Boyd is back online. I have also noticed some of the individuals who appear to play the roles of current enablers. It makes sense; I have always wondered what some of these people actually do for a living.

Hey Neil; how do you like Operation Sunflower?


Anonymous said...

Besides the fact that your personal hate for this outstanding scientist of highest international credentials gets really loathsome, dear Mme, you may (and emphatically WILL!) get sued for slanderous violation of federal laws prohibiting the kind of dirty attacks you proceed to launch, - unless a clearly expressed apology would be published for all your past related writings.Be warned.

Juli Henry said...

Highest international credentials????? OMG! Thanx for the laugh! We all need humor in our lives, I suppose!

Okay, Here in America, we have what is called the First Amendment to our Constitution. Every photo I have of Neil, and all of the information I have published about him, is already part of public domain. If you really want to see something that makes Neil look kinda bad, go to and plug his name in there! Federal laws in THIS country do not protect a person who has been convicted of a sex offense from public opinion. Get over youself.

Why would I write an apology to someone who stores kiddie porn in his computer?

Anonymous said...

I've searched the registry and his name does not come up as a sex offender. Please provide evidence. Simultaneously, he has been called a physicist in some quarters but, I cannot find a single reference to his qualifications in this respect in terms of where he obtained them from. If you have any further info' I look forward to it

Juli Henry said...

I answered your question in a new post, with a graphic. Here's the link:

As for physics, I think he did maintain an interest in physics while in college, but I never heard about him earning his phd. I know a few people who have earned phd's in that field, and they are usually too busy to pursue the nonsense Boyd pursues. If you are about to hire him, please do not hire him to teach children!