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Monday, January 14, 2013

Former Kansas Republican Lawmaker Is Also A Deadbeat Dad

At the left is a picture of what a Republican representative looked like, back in the early eighties. It is also a picture of what a deadbeat dad looks like. Paul R. Hess, who is now in Washington, serving as the chairman of the King County Republicans 46th District, represented Shawnee County in Kansas during the early eighties, when he and Anne Schroer divorced and she was awarded custody of their three sons. He did not think the court was serious when it ordered him to pay child support, and fled the country to evade charges of theft and to defy custody orders. Anne Schroer was forced to fly to Egypt to retrieve her children. There's some good, old fashioned, responsible budget balencing and family values!

Paul Hess owes his ex-wife hundreds of thousands of dollars in back child support and interest. After she moved back to Kansas, she also moved the child support collection back to Kansas, but no state where she lived after the divorce actually did an efficient job of collecting child support. Now, the former Republican representative and his attorney are stating that the court order has somehow become "dormant", or "expired"! A mortgage does not "expire". A student loan or an auto loan will not "expire"! Not even a utility bill simply "goes dormant" or "expires". The truth is, a court order for child support does not "expire" when it is unpaid until the demise of the obligee.

How interesting that Republicans, especially in Kansas, rant on and on about how only inferior people ever rely upon government assitance, and how family values must always be upheld; they one of their own scoffed the very law that was designed to keep divorced mothers and children from needing government assistance in the first place! And committing custodial interferance, to boot! It looks as if Mr. Hess has made some substantial donations to the Republican party recently, while still refusing to pay his child support debt. Perhaps the Republican party should cancel the donation and reroute it to Mrs. Schroer, and while they are at it, perhaps they should reroute Mr. Hess's entire salary to her until his child support is paid.

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