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Monday, January 14, 2013

Glenn Beck Wants His Own Kingdom

This is really almost too funny! Glenn Beck wants to have his own self sufficient, self governed community, and he wants to call it "Independence"! It will produce it's own power and it's own food, and it's shopping center will be a friendly place where the townsfolk gather to start their own businesses and learn from one another. That's what he says, anyway. The entrance will be modeled after Ellis Island, because Glenn Beck thinks that most Americans either came here through Ellis Island, or have ancestors who did. Actually, the number of Americans who have at least one ancestor who came through Ellis Island is closer to forty percent. While that's a significant minority, it's certainly not MOST Americans. If one's family was American before 1892, validating one's citizenship through Ellis Island would have been been quite difficult, as that's the year Ellis Island opened as an immigration station.

This idea is not terribly original. Didn't William Golding already cover this in Lord Of The Flies? And Glenn Beck should, by this time, be aware that there are at least ten cities in the United States called "Independence".

Glenn Beck actually does have the right glasses to look like the main character in Lord of the Flies. Perhaps he looked in the mirror!

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