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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anonymous Has A Message Concerning Aaron Swartz

By all accounts, Aaron Swartz was a brilliant and creative young man. His absence will certainly make the world a sadder and duller place. He was only twenty-six years old, and was a serious advocate for freedom of information and the first amendment. There really wasn't a reason for America's judicial system to harass him to the extent of charging him with felony crimes, and it is a shame that Aaron died so young. But what has this got to do with Westboro Baptist Church? It's hard to say, yet they have still publicly discussed picketing Aaron's funeral. In response, Anonymous sent them a message. Here it is:

That said, Westboro Baptist Church wisely resisted the urge to stand outside today, in Chicago, where the funeral was held, with stupid signs. That is good, but here is one very disturbing question about all this: why was Aaron Swartz facing more prison time than murderers?

More: Anyone with intel on the activities or plans of Westboro Baptist Church is invited to share it with Anonymous at  

Anyone in Northeast Kansas up to that?

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