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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dylan Redwine's Dad Doesn't Wanna Be A Suspect

Dylan Redwine, thirteen, of Colorado, has been missing since either November 18 or November 19. November 19 is when he was REPORTED missing, by his father, Mark Redwine, whom he was visiting for Thanksgiving. So far, Dylan's mom, Elaine, has passed a polygraph, as have Dylan's brother Cory, and everyone else connected to Dylan's maternal family. Mark Redwine, on the other hand, will not confirm or deny that he has passed a polygraph. The most he will volunteer about his polygraph is that the results were inconclusive. Also, there is no information about Mark Redwine's family, who chimed in early on various social networking sites to announce Mark's innocence to the world and call his former spouse names. Have they passed polygraphs? Only the shadow knows.......

So now, after an inconclusive polygraph, not showing up at any vigils for his son, not looking for him, and not even passing out a flyer in an attempt to locate Dylan, Mark Redwine states that we should all should be aware that everyone connected to Dylan is a suspect. Oh. Everyone, huh? No, not really. First of all, Dylan disappeared on Mark Redwine's watch. There's the means. Mark Redwine and his family apparently hate any woman, including Dylan's mother, with an IQ surpassing room temperature and no tattoos, and Mark Redwine did not wish to pay child support. Motive. Mark Redwine was the last person to see Dylan, and Dylan texted his mother to let him know he had reached his destination after disembarking the plane at the airport.....Opportunity. Regardless of what actually happened, Mark Redwine is the most obvious person of interest.

If Mark Redwine does not wish to be seen as a suspect, perhaps he should put aside his unseemly angst about spending time with people who are not of the criminal element, such as his son's maternal family, and start looking for Dylan. Perhaps he should take a polygraph, pass it, and then give a sensible account of events surrounding the time Dylan went missing, rather than this stuff about leaving the house in the predawn hours on a weekend right before a holiday for an appointment with an attorney while Dylan was visiting. Providing the rest of us with a reasonable explanation as to why he and his sister use so many past tense verbs in reference to Dylan would also help. And perhaps he should spend less time with his family, who have not bothered to look for Dylan anywhere. His behavior makes him look very suspect.

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