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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This is the new addition to our family. In his former life, he was used as a pedigree stud. Then, after about six years, his owners were finished using him for his DNA services and took him to the local vetrinarian and paid to have him euthanized. Instead of euthanizing him, the vet decided to keep him for awhile, and see if anyone would adopt him. Then, I took another one of our pets to the vet's office, and happened to see this cat. He now lives with us, by the way; he is friendly, affectionate, box trained, playful, easy on he is not a kitten.....and a joy. As his previous owners had paid for him to be euthanized, I did not have to pay the entire adoption fee. I honestly do not understand the world of using cats and dogs as breeding stock only, when they are loving pets.

He's a very sweet and peaceful cat. He only beats up the dogs once or twice a day. We call him Gandalf.

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