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Friday, January 11, 2013

Shane Snodgrass Blew Off Court In Kansas

It's official. Shane Snodgrass has duffed court in Kansas. He was due in court in Sabetha, Kansas on January nine. This is because he decided, before Christmas, that last year's holiday season would not be complete without giving sixteen year old Kristina Richey a ride to Brownville, Oregon without the knowledge or permission of her parents. Apparently, he also decided not to be in court. How predictable could that be? He was arrested for custodial interference in Linn County, Oregon, and also in Kansas. Here's a picture of him, as shown on KSMT.

On a related note, an unattractive glob of fat named Bryce Pjesky, of McPherson, Kansas, failed to report to the Morris County Sheriff as scheduled today after being found guilty, earlier this week, of two counts of indecent liberties with a minor. Hopefully, he will be discovered somewhere and thrown into the general population of a correctional facility somewhere, before he discovers any more children.

Correction: Shane Snodgrass duffed court in Oregon, not in Kansas.

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