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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Response To Person Who's Upset Because Neil Boyd Is On The Sex Offender Registry

I still have a few people from various places who look for information on this site concerning Robert Neil Boyd, who recently served time in Tennessee and in Maryland because his computer was found to have lots of child pornography downloaded onto it's hard drive. Most of the people who write to me and discuss Mr. Boyd with me are horrified that his slimy presence was ever close to their homes, and that he gets away with this sort of thing. I feel the same way about him. Sometimes, however; I will get trolled by some of this man's yuppie friends, most of whom do not have children of their own; and those yuppie friends cry the blues at yours truly about how unfair the judicial system was with Mr. Boyd, and how, since he is not a producer, or even a big time dealer, in this filthy business, he should not have been prosecuted or sanctioned at all!

Here's an example of one of the protests, which got published several weeks ago, and to which I responded, pared down to the last statement in the comment, which goes to heart of the denial maintained by misguided friends of creeps like Mr. Boyd: "You talk of human trafficking as though your efforts are doing something, but you imprison less than pawns in the game and waste vast resources for them; so the real criminals are making tons of money and that certainly helps smuggle a human being." Obviously, the denial of the criminal behavior, which in turn, allows enabling of same, runs very deep.

First of all, none of those "real criminals" to whom my commenter referred, would be making the "tons of money" my commenter referenced if said real criminals did not have a client base. We all do what we get paid to do, and those real criminals are certainly getting paid by someone to do what they do. Without the actions and demands of those who are, as my commenter said, "less than pawns", the "game" would be over! So yes; the blame rests upon the pawns, just as much as it rests upon the major players. Second, dealing with some of the so-called pawns is often helpful in locating the major players, and sometimes, if the stars are favorable, a missing child can even be found through such efforts! It does not happen anywhere near often enough, but every time a missing or abused child is located and rescued, it is certainly worth any effort or resources spent. Third, never discount a tip, or tell the person who gives a tip that his efforts are without value. I know that Neil's friends would like everyone who loves children and cares about morals to feel that efforts to rescue abused children are meaningless, and I also know that Neil's friends belittle anyone who loves children, but, my commenter, have you heard of Operation Sunflower? Operation Sunflower is a sting that started about a year and a half ago, when someone drove on a highway in Kansas with a child he had kidnapped. He snapped a few pictures of her, while driving, and a sign with a picture of a sunflower appeared in the background of the picture which was posted online by the creep. It was seen by someone in Denmark, who reported it to the FBI in America, and officers spent two weeks driving the highways in Kansas, matching up scenery to sunflower signs, until they had the right spot. They then followed the electronic trail, found the perpetrator, and the child, (!), and decided to keep the operation in force. The sting was subsequently named Operation Sunflower, after Kansas, the Sunflower State.

Hey Neil! How do you like Operation Sunflower?
They never seem to think about how they harm the rest of the population.

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