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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teen In Kansas City Spends Four Months Chained Up In Basement

UPDATE! Three adults, presumably the teenager's father, stepmother, and adult sibling, have been arrested in this case, but not formally charged. I guess the state of Missouri is still having trouble working out the reasons why assault and battery and false imprisonment should be crimes.

A seventeen year old boy in Kansas City, Missouri, kinda close to where Lisa Irwin disappeared, was just found chained to a pole in the basement of a house by law enforcement and social services. According to the above linked article, from CNN, he got into an altercation with his stepmother on September 27, when he was banished to the basement. His dad also disenrolled him from school, apparently. He made the grim mistake of coming upstairs for some food, and his dad got angry and handcuffed him to a bed. Allegedly, this young man is "developmentally delayed" in some way, but he managed to free himself by taking the bed apart....which speaks to abilities that most "developmentally delayed" young people do not have. But then "Daddio" simply handuffed him to a pole, where he has been since late November. Fortunately, the neighbor finally realized something was wrong with the story purported by the stepmother and the dad about the young man moving away from home.......or some such crazy nonsense....and called the cops on them. Now, this child no longer lives in that house, chained to a pole in the basement.

As if everything typed above is not horrid enough, here's another completely massive enigma, when compared with reality as most of us envision it: The police in Kansas City, Missouri are NOT SURE they have enough information or factoids here to charge anyone with a crime! Perhaps the state of Missouri takes a different legal position in such things as assault and battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, child abuse, truancy, and a whole host of other things with which Stepmommy and Daddio can be charged. Perhaps everyone in Missouri disciplines children that way. And perhaps not. Kidnapping and false imprisonment are still felonies, and had this couple kidnapped anyone other than Daddio's child and imprisoned him for four months, they'd be sitting in jail while the authorities pondered "whether or not" a crime had been committed!

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