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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Robert Poe III And Your Tax Dollars At Work

As a bit of a sequel to this post, here is another eyebrow raising piece of information that followed closely on it's heels: while federal and state authorities in Kansas were interviewing the victims of Michael Arnett, the driver/paramedic/all-time-helpful-social-services-approved driver to provide foster children in Kansas with transportation to visit their parents and attend appointments, (he's in jail now, for sexually abusing those children as he drove them from one place to another) his victims kept bringing up another name......Robert Poe III. It seems that Michael Arnett was not only abusing the children as a solo act, but stopping by the home of his friend, Mr. Poe, who also abused the children, and used a gun to gain their cooperation. All this, done to children who have already been exposed to stress that is heartbreaking, all by itself. Is there any way at all Kansas could have done, or could..... in the future...... do a better job in the area of background checks? Not that foster children matter terribly much in Kansas. After all, once a Kansas foster child has been  abused  or inexplicably "lost" by a foster parent or other custodial guardian employed by the state, the social worker simply moves the court to terminate the natural parents' rights and sever all ties between the child and his or her natural siblings, right Kansas? That way, no one who might actually love the child will ever speak up about the human rights abuses you allow daily to be leveled against these children.


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