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Friday, February 8, 2013

Terri Horman Still Thinks The World Revolves Around Her

While perusing a couple of different Oregon sources the other day for news about the missing persons case of ten year old Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland on June 4, of 2010, when he was seven; I noticed a rather nasty and one-sided comment that was clearly made by someone who is quite angry with the general public, with anyone who wishes Kyron's family well, and with anyone who would help search for Kyron. While there are always trolls and "haters" on any newspaper forum, this comment, from Oregonlive, made me think for a couple of reasons. First, the commenter makes a reference to a vigil that was held well over a year ago, and made some statements about an incident that took place during that vigil, but was not would have had to be physically present in order to cite the particular details mentioned here; second, this commenter appears to seriously expect those who love Kyron, even his mother, to forget about him after awhile and give up the search! Here's an excerpt:


"I think people traveling from several different states to demonstrate their hate for {Terri} just a block away from her home, is a bit hateful. Do you see that as a loving thing to do? How about when they went up on to the porch of the Moultons home and looked into the windows? Hateful or loving? Maybe they were hoping to see Kyron inside?"

Hmmm....hey commenter; how do you KNOW the states from which any of those people hailed? The media barely covered that particular vigil. It did not mention much about the people involved, and certainly did not cover their personal information. Nor did the media give any factoids about the Moultons' house, or whose doorbell was rung, or who responded. If you have this information, you were present at the time. Why didn't Terri Horman or any of the Moultons take some flyers and join? There was, after all, an invitation extended for the Moultons to do so!

Why would you even rant, Whoever-You-Are, (does your name begin with the letter "T"?) about whether the gesture was loving or hateful toward Terri? Are you thinking that the only reason anyone ever looked for Kyron after he disappeared was to make Terri Horman upset? Or to express "hate" for her? If so, you are crazily mistaken! Sure, lots of people hate mentally ill, selfish, lazy, cellulite-covered, overly dependent, non-working child abusers; and quite a few people do not favor Terri Horman, but that's not the reason for the search for Kyron! There's a search on for Kyron because he's a little boy who disappeared on his stepmother's watch, and because over two years have gone by without his being found. That's why people knocked on doors in Roseburg, Oregon, and passed out flyers with Kyron's picture. It was a gesture of love for Kyron, not a gesture of hate for Kyron's sometime stepmother. The world does not revolve around Terri Horman. That said, let me also point out that the gesture was a loving gesture because everyone passing out the flyers loved doing it. One thing would have made them love it more: finding Kyron that day.

The gentle commenter went on to complain about Desiree Young, Kyron's mother, who, with assistance from donors, posted a billboard in Southern Oregon with Kyron's picture. It seems that the effort of posting a billboard on the highway, where it can be seen by commuters, has also rubbed this person the wrong way. Such measures are common during missing persons cases, and if Terri Horman took this personally, she needs to see, once again, that things other than herself are important, and Kyron's mother put up the billboard to keep Kyron's case in the public perception.


"Do you think the billboard Desiree put up on the freeway was a loving thing to do? Kyron, we're going to track you down? Did she think Kyron goes to work everyday in his car and drives past that sign? Or was it a loving way for her to tell Terri how much she loved her son? Or to just torment Terri out of frustration?
What about Desiree passing out flyers in Roseburg and asking everyone to remember that Terri lives in Roseberg and should be shunned by the community. Do you think that was another one of those loving things people do for Kyron?"


Oh no! Did Desiree Young pass out flyers? My Goddess, what is the world coming to? You're damn straight she passed out flyers, Whoever-You-Are! And, yes; it was an act of love! None of it was done to "torment Terri". Desiree Young very likely does not have time to torment Terri. She's trying to find Kyron! Had Terri Horman thought about Kyron from the very beginning, passed out flyers, helped with searches, answered questions, told the truth, passed polygraphs, and been available to help when Desiree was in Roseburg with flyers, it is very likely that no one would have suggested shunning Terri Horman. The sad truth is, Desiree Young was discouraged by the fact that many of the people in Roseburg had not even heard about the Kyron Horman missing persons case, despite all of the publicity it received in Portland. Kyron's stepmother, her parents, and his stepbrother ALL lived in Roseburg at the time Desiree Young passed out flyers there. Why didn't Roseburg already know about Kyron?

No, Terri; none of the efforts to find Kyron have been all about you. The world does not revolve around, you, either.

Quotes are taken from comments found following the coverage of the Kyron Horman case in Oregonlive from January 31 to February 4 of this year.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great post!! Typical sociopaths like Terri Moulton (I won't dishonor Kyron by calling her by his last name) think the world revolves around them. Could be this person is Carol Moulton...enabler in chief.

Juli Henry said...

Hopefully, all names will soon be restored to their proper owners!

Anonymous said...

Great Post??? what the heck... I couldn't even read it all.. it was the worst thought out thing I have ever read- how did the poster know what states the people stalking Terri were from- they posted it all over the Roseburg and Anti page with pride- gee that was hard to wrap my brain around
As far as the billboard that DY put up, it was for Terri, she said it was- it was certainly not to find Kyron.. it had none of his personal info on the billboard and the largest picture of Kyron on the billboard was of Kyron when he was what 6
Look up any news article regarding the billboard... DY was proud of saying it was for Terri- you'll find it no problem

Juli Henry said...

They didn't post the states they came from on any Facebook page. And the stuff about the windows was never posted on Facebook, or in the news, either. That particular detail, the way the Oregonlive commenter worded it, could only have been known to someone who was present. It would also only have been important to someone who wanted to protect Terri Horman.

DY was upset that no one in Roseburg knew about Kyron, and that there were no flyers about him there. With his stepmother living in Roseburg, there should have been. Unless the stepmother just wanted the whole thing to go away.......and not even worry about the fact that Kyron is a missing child. If you are advocating that course of action, you need to take a good long look at yourself. The Billboard was also placed in hopes that someone would recognize Kyron, and the phone number to call was on it.

Anonymous said... ummmm... No and No- but here is a link for ya They absolutely did post the states they came from... are you kidding me that XXXXX chick was real proud she came all the way from XXXX. You are a bit paranoid.. You think everyone that posts is Terri.. when she could probably care less about what you post... your posts are not well thought out at all..

Anonymous said...

The next time you force me to remove proper nouns from your comments, I will just delete them. While I do not actually think that EVERYONE on that forum is Terri Horman, (several people are probably Dede Spicher, Carol Moulton, Sandi Lessman, Sandi Lessman, Sandi Lessman, and others with multiple monikers there) I am quite sure that a good number of the commenters who post there are, indeed, Terri Horman. You can call me paranoid if you wish, but would it surprise you a whole lot to see posts from her coming from more than one profile?

Anonymous said...

I hope this video of the parents is played one day in court/looked at her not even focussed,,,sickening Eyes rolled up.....Through this whole press Conference she never barely looked ahead....You see right through her,,,ect

Anonymous said...

Can u even imagine making a facial expression like this....This is the first press conference after Kyron went missing/I would really love to know what is being said right at this time ...She seems to be more interested in always Not looking directly at anyone!...UNBELEIVABLE !sick!

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