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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mark Redwine Acts Like A Liar On Dr. Phil

Dylan Redwine is still missing. Dr. Phil taped show segments that last for two episodes of "Dr. Phil", consisting of interviews with Dyan's parents, Mark and Elaine, and others involved with the case. Elaine genuinely presented as a mother who wants her son found alive; Mark presented as a violent thug wishing to separate everyone from the Truth. At about forty-three seconds into the video below, Mark states that he is "doing everything he can" to be involved in the search for Dylan. No doubt! He's probably involved in hiding evidence and derailing the investigation whenever possible. And that polygraph he promised Dr. Phil he'd take? He changed his mind and didn't take the polygraph.

Also in the video, is a woman who has dated Mark Redwine in the past, and gives a very white-trashy sounding verbal recital about why Elaine Redwine should not ask her husband to speak honestly, as in passing a polygraph, concerning Dylan's whereabouts. She has been cited by some as Mark's only supporter; but that is not true. His sister, Bridgett Redwine-Simmers, while speaking of Dylan in past tense also supported the unlikely possibility that Mark may be innocent, and even attacked others who see different possibilities concerning her brother.

In the past twenty-four hours, new clues have surfaced. Holes have been cut in the ice in Vallecito Lake, and cadaver dogs have picked up a scent.



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