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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

For Want Of A Seed

For want of a seed, there was no plant.                           
For want of a plant, there was no crime.
For want of a crime, there was no warrant.
For want of a warrant, there was no lawful search.
For want of a lawful search, there was no evidence.
For want of evidence, there was no proof.
For want of proof, there was no effective prosecution.
For want of effective prosecution, there was no order.
For want of order, there was no community.
For want of community, there was no harvest.
For want of a harvest, there was no plant.
For want of a plant, there was no seed.

Laura Johnson McNish; you never fail to amaze me with your stupidity. Instead of lying your ass off in court about something that did not happen, why not prosecute the young man who drove through someone's cornfield, for fun, in the summer of 2013? Or prosecute hate crimes? Or maybe domestic violence? Or at least, things that happen and are real........

Someone who has a newspaper open to a story about decriminalization of marijuana in Wichita sitting on his table has not committed a crime, and the story he was reading is not evidence that he has. Neither is any other information he may have on the subject. Because of the United States Constitution, it is lawful for a man to lobby his representatives for change, if he so desires; and it is also lawful to read about those ideas and discuss them. Have you completely lost your mind, McNish?

Disclaimer: Yours truly does not use any recreational drugs. She does, on occasion, read about election issues and results, however; and decriminalization of marijuana has been in the news lately.

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