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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Minnesota Murderer Cop Finally Charged

Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota pig who, in July, opened fire on Philando Castile and killed him during a traffic stop for no reason, has finally been charged with something called second degree manslaughter. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, streamed the incident on Facebook, for the entire world to see. Yanez not only was completely unconcerned about the innocence of Castile and Reynolds, he also did not care about the safety of Reynolds's four year old daughter, who was also in the car and watched the shooting.

While manslaughter is not as serious of a charge as first or second degree murder, there have been problems in the recent past in gaining convictions of these police officers who feel that a badge is a license to commit murder. For that reason, it was probably a better guarantee of accountability for for a black victim's life to charge the killer with a lesser charge, and at the same time, a better guarantee that this defendant will never prowl the highways as a police officer again.

Above is Jeronimo Yanez, who kept the peace by committing a murder in front of a woman and a child, in his police get-up; and Philado Castile, who, unfortunately, crossed the path of a racist cop who felt like pulling the trigger for no reason.

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