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Monday, January 23, 2017

Private Message To My Latest Known Troll

As anyone who writes and blogs publicly knows, all of us occasionally find ourselves dealing with trolls. Sometimes, these trolls do what they do for entertainment, sometimes they do it because they feel challenged when others fail to agree with their viewpoints. Then, sometimes, they do it to stalk and take revenge for real or imagined slights. At the moment, it appears that your faithful blogger has picked up a troll whose reasons fall into the category of the latter. So please bear with me as I address this person; he/she/them is completely aware of his/her/their identity. This is directed at the troll, not at anyone else. I know that it will be read on this site by the appropriate party.

To my latest troll; I know who you are. I know your name, your location, your employment situation, and your physical address. I am also aware of your criminal history, and that of most of your friends. These are facts I can prove. I made the mistake of trusting you in the past, despite advice to the contrary from quite a few people, many of whom are your own neighbors and workmates. In fact, the relative with whom you share quarters has lost a few friends because of you. Someone who lives near you once asked me to make sure you are never at his home, because of your history. Yes, it preceded you then, and it precedes you now. Back when your problems were mostly petty crimes, I tolerated you; but when I had children, I could no longer afford to do so. Some of your associates are not only shady, but truly disgusting, and any parent who cares for his or her children will shy away from involvement with folks like you, troll. So that is what I did.

Yes, when your friend fled his state of residence because of a warrant for human trafficking and kiddie porn, I turned him in. You've known that for years. But here's the thing: why didn't you turn him in? Wanna know who gave me his location? It was your mother! Why didn't she turn him in? Do you both like that kind of stuff? And after he went to jail, where was your gratitude? Why were you on the wrong side of that issue? That is another reason for any parent to be aware of you.

I really don't care how angry you are with me anymore. I have already accepted you as a complete waste of space, and I do not believe you are ever going to change. I do not have any time for those who support you, or for the defendant described in the paragraph above, either. One thing upon which I will spend time, however, is the good old three for one law. I will also make some of the paperwork that is on file, proving your own history, available for the perusal of those with whom you spend time every day. I will do this every time you contact me, a member of my family, one of my friends or associates, or a member of my community. I promise.

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