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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ya Mad, Laura? Ya Mad?

Not too long ago, it was brought to my attention, by a neighbor, that Laura Johnson-McNish, the county attorney of Marshall County, Kansas, cheats on her taxes. At first, I didn't believe it, because it is such a pedestrian and corrupt thing for an elected official to do, but my neighbor proved it by directing me to the appropriate website. McNish pays property taxes on a farm, which would not be a problem if McNish actually owned farmland and farmed. As it happens, farming and ranching are prohibited in the Keystone Addition, where she lives, so there is not a legal way her property could be considered a farm. All of her neighbors pay property taxes on residential properties.

Earlier this month, at a hearing that had nothing to do with anyone's property taxes, Ms. McNish expressed some angry feelings at the person who made her tax discrepancies public. Specifically, she wanted a judge to take what was written about her tax evasion into consideration during a sentencing hearing. While the judge probably did this, he asked her if she was "incensed". McNish may be incensed; but why isn't she paying a just and fair amount of property taxes to the community off of which she leaches? Everyone else pays the appropriate amount of property tax, and no one else "farms" on land where farming is not permitted. For that matter, no one has actually been able to find the McNish's farm! Her son drove drunk through a cornfield once, and was never sanctioned, but that was nowhere near Keystone Addition.

If Laura Johnson-McNish is angry or "incensed", perhaps she should remember that Marshall County actually has ample reason to be incensed with her.

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