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Friday, February 12, 2016

One More Creepy Kansas Coach

What is the dealio with Kansas and public school coaches? Scott Madden, former employee of Baxter Springs High School in Cherokee County, Kansas, groomed a fifteen year old female student for sexual abuse and proceeded to sire her first child!

                                                          Larry Scott Madden

Madden was sentenced to eight years in prison. It hardly seems enough. Hopefully, his former community will ask the children some questions and figure out how all this happened in the first place. It was never a coach's job to teach a young girl about adult responsibility by transforming her into a parent.

Another coach who behaved irresponsibly toward a teenage female student in Kansas, this one fourteen years old, is employed by USD 380, in Northeast Kansas. Parents have accepted the standard procedure of dropping female teens off, along deserted dirt roads or the highway, during the day. Accepting rides from strangers is permissible, inasmuch as the school board of USD 380 is concerned. The faculty member who does this is considered an "asset" to Frankfort High School. If this behavior defines an asset, your blogger would certainly hate to see what USD 380 would consider a liability! The reason a child was abandoned alongside the road was never revealed. Those of us with intelligence and insight still await an answer.

No amount of victim-blaming or bribery will control the factors that make criminally inclined or criminally irresponsible teachers, coaches, or guidance counselors so dangerous. The roads are open for use by everyone, and the laws of physics are no respecters of persons.

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