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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Life Sentence For Dallas Bond

Dallas Bond, the Brown County, Kansas dispatcher who once trolled Northeast Kansas for underage sex crimes victims, has received a life sentence for the same.

Prior to getting caught by police, Mr. Bond had stolen handcuffs, leg irons, a radio, and some official looking shirts with logos from the Brown County, Kansas sheriff department, where he worked as a dispatcher. These items were recovered, but not until they were used while he kidnapped and sexually assaulted a child. There is a pervasive belief on the part of Kansans that this type of crime does not occur in Kansas because so much of Kansas is rural. This is error, and it is overlooking the obvious: there are few surveillance cameras, few eyewitnesses, and unreliable cell phone service in much of the "country"...or commercial farmland in Kansas. In combination with school administrations who violate the federal laws concerning child safety, "the country" in Kansas is actually very dangerous for children.

This is where another child, in Frankfort, Kansas, was abandoned by a guidance counselor. Was it done in the expectation of an encounter with someone pretending to be a police officer? Everyone involved has been advised not to talk by a local attorney.

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