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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Summer And Rusty Page Do Not Get To Take Hostages

Summer and Rusty Page, of California, served as foster parents several years ago to a little girl named Alexandria, whose dad is a member of the Choctaw Nation. He has some relatives in Utah, who are not members of any tribe, but love Alexandria. For years, these relatives have been in court, suing for custody, only to be challenged by Summer and Rusty Page. The Choctaw Nation finally stepped in, and insisted that Indian Child Welfare Act be followed, which meant that Summer and Rusty could not steal a child from a Native American parent.

Instead of wishing Alexandria well and graciously bidding adieu, Summer and Rusty have made quite a scene, with the obvious intent to upset Alexandria as much as possible. Alexandria's attorney requested privacy for Alexandria, but they responded by putting up a Facebook page about this whole matter. They are also conducting "prayer" vigils, quite loudly, in order to attract attention. They really do not seem to understand that as foster parents, their contributions are temporary. Reunification of a family is always best, and for at least three years, they have stood in "God's" way, blocking Alexandria's path to home and family. Many people are also wailing about the Indian Child Welfare Act, demanding repeal! This time, it really isn't as much about bloodline as it is about family support. Alexandria's dad is a member of a family unit who supports him. In the eyes of the law, family is the best place for a child. End of story. After all those noisy public prayers, can't Summer and Rusty Page see that God answered all those crazy-assed petitions to the heavens, giving them the answer he obviously saw fit? Or would they rather pander for contributions in an ongoing to attempt to fanagle another answer from the "Almighty"?

In other news, a foster parent in New York was recently arrested for sex crimes against seven of his foster children.

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