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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Dirt On The Donald

It's actually about time. And Mr. Trump should have "expected" it. Donald Trump whines about illegal aliens, yet has married two females (your writer hesitates to call them ladies) who were not in America legally. In fact, the first female had defected from her native Czechoslovakia from behind the Iron Curtain. So much for respect of boundaries and citizenship; it is quite clear that Trump either does not mean what he says about it, or thinks that a career as a mail-order bride is a valid path to American citizenship.

Donald Trump also promotes his business savvy. Bankruptcies, at least four, in Trump's case, are permissible in the cases of individuals, but does America wish to force bankruptcy on a generation of children? Is it a way to run a nation? Because such procedures end up in court, the details are naturally open for all to read. If Trump actually secures the Republican nomination, many journalists and publications will proclaim these details, over and over again. It is only a matter of time. "The Donald" should really hope that there was nothing shady or unlawful in any of his past dealings. Remember Geraldine Ferraro and the error in her taxes? What are the chances, given his entire career, that there is unfavorable information concerning Trump's financial history?

How about "The Donald's" manners? Can America trust him to represent her, proudly? His illicit romantic affairs make Bill Clinton's tryst with Monica Lewinsky look puny. Trump even tried to convince a family law court to change the terms of divorce to include stopping his first wife from speaking about him in public, (see above link) but instead was schooled about the First Amendment to America's Constitution. How would he deal with the constant satire to which any public official is subjected? The world is not going to stop turning just for Donald Trump, so it seems that he really should have expected the reaction of Anonymous, along with many a journalist, IRS agent, former spouse, and many others. It's a no-brainer.

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