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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Kansas Racist Pig

Geesh! How is it that so many white Kansans actually claim the moral high ground while their white police officers threaten others? In this case, the white police officer got on Facebook and threatened a woman and child whom he had never met! Neither of the victims live in Kansas or know the police officer. Actually, he's a former police officer. He's been fired, but not arrested.

Kansas media was very slow to release the name of the former officer. Mostly, no pictures of him are available, except pictures that have been culled from Facebook. His name is Rodney Lee Wilson, and his picture is on the left.

If Rodney Lee Wilson had not been a white police officer, one can be sure that the media in Kansas would have plastered his name and picture everywhere. In the current culture and political climate of Kansas, it is really rather surprising that he lost his job because of his unprofessional behavior.

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