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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Patricia Ann Welch Says She Knows What Happened To The Lyon Sisters

Patricia Ann Welch wants the police, and the rest of the world, to know that her father, Richard Welch, is not responsible for the disappearance or death of either of the two missing girls, Sheila and Katherine Lyon, who disappeared from Maryland in 1975. She goes on to volunteer the information that other other members of her family are responsible, just not her father. In 2014, her father and her cousin, Lloyd Lee Welch, were named persons of interest and in 2015, Lloyd Lee Welch was indicted in Bedford County, Virginia for the murders of both girls.

That's very interesting. Sheila and Katherine have been missing for forty-one years. If Patricia Ann Welch knew who was responsible, and what happened to them, why hasn't she spoken with law enforcement? Did she just not care about Sheila and Katherine's family?

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