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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Laura McNish Racist

Okay, Laura McNish; you got your own way. My work is no longer displayed in the place where you saw it and got angry. It really doesn't make a difference to me, as I only did it to contribute to this community. What do you contribute? Have you amended seven years of falsely filed property taxes yet?

You know.......I heard, from an extremely reliable source, that you are on a mission to rid Marshall County Kansas of any and all bi-racial marriages, so much so that you interfere in the marriages of couples in which more that one race is involved during any proceeding, such as child custody or adoption, that involves the court. Is that so? Besides deviating from the first amendment, what will such harassment achieve? I guess that question is rhetorical, so I will provide the general public with an answer: you are a racist, and your goal is to drive anyone who is African, African American, Latin, Native American, Jewish or Middle Eastern, LGBT, or disabled out of Marshall County, Kansas. You have even been observed threatening to harass the administrators of local public schools for equal and just treatment of minorities.

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