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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What If Comey Was Fired Because Of This?

Suppose, during the fall of 2016, before the election, Donald Trump's campaign offered Jim Comey, our former FBI director, a gratuity in exchange for publicly reopening the investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton's emails on her private server? What if Comey, during a moment of weakness, accepted this bribe, thinking the investigation would not go any further than any of the numerous previous investigations of the same matter? Then, after another investigation leading to no actual wrongdoing or crime on Secretary Clinton's part, was threatened by Trump's goons, and by Rudy Giuliani, to "earn" the bribe he had taken? Could this be the reason he made the announcement on October 27 that arguably threw the election?

What if the "payment" was not only to throw the election, but to actually find or manufacture false evidence against Secretary Clinton? Could that be the real reason Donald Trump decided to tell Jim Comey, via an announcement on national television, that he was fired?

It's possible.

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