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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Who Really Protects Children?

This past Tuesday, an Ohio headstart teacher got fired for dragging a small child through a hallway by the arm. The picture below was snapped by another teacher. Neither the teacher or student have been identified in the news.

This teacher did not work for any of the school boards in Ohio, but a private company called Alta Care Group, that "partners" with Ohio schools and provides teachers. Since Alta Care Group does not answer to the government or directly to the parents, it is possible for Alta Care Group to maintain different hiring standards, or no standards at all, for the important task of hiring teachers. Why would public schools in Ohio want to do this? Are they saving money, somehow, by using a middleman to provide their teachers?

It is abundantly clear that Alta Care Group is not concerned with the safety of children. Despite the fact that this teacher was terminated, the taxpayers are left with too many unanswered questions, such as the teacher's name. The people of Ohio are entitled to this information, and entitled to know why this aspect of teaching has been handled by a private company. Also, any time a private company supplies a teacher for children, the parents have a right to know the qualifications and the procedures used when a teacher fails to perform. When these questions are not answered adequately by the government, and freedom of information act request usually solves the problem, but what if the problem is encountered with a private company that does not follow the law?

The Satanic Temple has a short term solution. If you sign up for emails and newsletters from The Satanic Temple, you can register your information with the Temple's Protect Children Project, and your local school board will receive an email, informing the school that you do not wish to be abused, and reminding school administration of your first amendment rights.

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