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Friday, August 22, 2014

Enrollment Fees In Public Schools

If you are a parent of a child who attends public school, and you were pressured or harassed to pay enrollment fees, this was never legal and never constitutional. Federal law clearly maintains that public school districts must provide free and equitable education to all students. This includes activities and materials, as well as the right to attend school. Some educators and school administrators in California didn't believe that, and the ACLU got involved. Now, those schools no longer attempt to extort money from parents, and all of the school districts named in the lawsuit were audited. A bill was even drafted to consider punitive fines and other actions against the offenders. How interesting. Dean Dalinghaus, at good ole' Frankfort High School, thinks that parents owe his so-called school monies in addition to their taxes, too. He will even stoop to the level of bullying and threats to force parents to pay him money. If you live in Frankfort, Kansas, and have been pressured by the school board of USD 380 to pay enrollment fees, just say no.

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