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Friday, August 8, 2014

Yay Wicca! Yay Supreme Court!

In Bloomfield, New Mexico, a monument on government property which legally does not belong there will have to be removed. Members of Bloomfield's Wiccan community have requested that a cheap statue of the ten commandments be removed from the lawn of Bloomfield's city hall building, because it shows a preference for Christianity. The suit was first filed in 2012, and yesterday, the Supreme Court gave the city until September 10 to load it up on a dump truck and dump it somewhere else.

According to Senior District Judge James A. Parker, the monument "has no place on City Hall property". This is because it shows favor of one religion over others, and the United States Government does not exist in order to play religious favorites. The silly-assed Christians who wanted it to remain tried to argue that it has historical significance, but as it was erected in 2011, history was found to have no significance whatsoever. 

There was also a sign alongside of the eyesore statue, announcing that anyone who objected to it's presence is an "outsider". Now that the Supreme Court has sided with the local Wiccans and Pagans, it appears that the "outsiders" are the federal law breakers who wanted to force their religion on everyone.

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