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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kansas For Change And Wichita

          City Hall 316-268-4331 just say Put it on the Ballot.
          Election Office 316-660-7100 see if you registered

Real quick, everyone, the citizens of Wichita Kansas and Kansas For Change would really like to decriminalize marijuana marijuana in Wichita, Kansas. They collected about twice as many signatures as they needed on a petition to get the decriminalization of marijuana on the ballot, so everyone who votes can vote on it. Instead of simply including this item for voters, Wichita is falsely invalidating over half of the signatures, and no matter how many signatures Kansas For Change collects, there always seems to be a reason to disregard the wishes of the people.  If you are part of this district, and you also wish to be part of a constructive change, please call the number printed under the picture for City Hall in Wichita, and tell them you want decriminalization of marijuana on the ballot. 

*Yours truly does not approve or engage in the use of any recreational drug. She simply hates to see the judicial system waste her tax dollars and everyone else's on selective and insane prosecution.

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Keehn Jay said...

I fully support. Navy Retired. Wounded Warrior... 100% disabled quad.