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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Feaster Fires His Gun

Watch this video. It starts in a bit slow, but just watch. At around 1:10, you will see an accident victim step out of a wrecked vehicle, and you will see a police officer approach him, draw his gun, and shoot the accident victim, with no words exchanged between the two.Then, after shooting the victim in the neck, he reported that the victim was "uncooperative" for refusing to get up and move on his own. Then, eleven minutes later, he called for an ambulance. As minutes count in such an injury, the victim will probably be paralyzed for life. Alcohol was involved in the accident, but Patrick Feaster had no way of knowing this at the moment he used an accident victim for target practice. Pray you never have car problems in Paradise, California, because the prosecutor has declined to charge this criminal with any crime, stating that the discharge of the weapon was an "accident".

The name of the prosecutor who thinks it is procedure for a pig to shoot an accident victim and lie about it is Mike Ramsey. Below is his picture, and there is also a petition circulating, to remove this pig from the pigpen, permanently.

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