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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Can India Kager's Mom Have Her Sketchbook, Please?

On September 5 of this year, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a twenty-seven year old woman named India Yager was driving her car. Seated in the passenger seat was her boyfriend, and in the back was her four month old son, riding in a carseat. She pulled into 7/11, when suddenly, a bunch of cops in swat team gear blocked her car and threw a stun grenade in front of her. Within fifteen seconds, the police had shot thirty bullets into India's vehicle. She and her boyfriend were both killed; her baby and her older son are without a mother, now.

The cops told the media that India's boyfriend had shot at them first, but only "hit their clothes". There has been no evidence in the investigation to show that anyone in the vehicle fired shots, or even had a weapon in tow. There has also been an inane story circulated about how India's boyfriend was a person of interest in a crime somewhere....possibly a murder.....yet no solid facts on that, either, such as the identity of the alleged murder victim! No complainants or crime victims of any kind can be found to back up the pigs' version of events. India was a veteran, and had no criminal record.

Fifteen seconds. That was all the time that was required. None of the questions posed by India's family have been answered, and it does not appear that there is even going to be a true investigation. Despite this, the pigs still refuse to give India's mom any of the personal items that were in the car when India was murdered. This includes a sketch pad, containing some of India's art. It seems that law enforcement, at the very least, could give that back to her family.

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