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Sunday, December 20, 2015

More Lying Pigs In California

The video above shows a deadly encounter with law enforcement during May of 2014, in Long Beach, California, after a twenty-three year old man named Noel Aguilar was stopped for the infraction of riding his bicycle while listening to music with earbuds. As you can see, the threat posed by a cyclist with earbuds necessitated grabbing Noel off of his bike and throwing him on the ground, followed by his subsequent arrest. (sarcasm....these policemen are really pigs) If you watch the slow play, around 1:06, you will see one pig grab HIS OWN gun and shoot the other pig in the stomach! The pig who is shot in the stomach begins to scream like a victim, and both cops blame Noel, whose hands never touched a gun during this encounter!

The pig who shot his partner then proceeded to unload at least three shots into Noel's back and one more into his neck. Next, of course, came the obligatory order from the pigs to all bystanders to "get back inside their houses." This was done to eliminate the possibility of truthful testimony and cell phone video from uninvolved witnesses. Both pigs, and their cohorts on the police force, lied about the incident on their reports. Below is more on this incident, along with some cell phone video taken by one of the witnesses, despite the command from police to turn away.

Albert Murad and Jose Ruiz, the two pigs involved, proceeded to slam their weight into Noel's back until he was fatally injured. Noel Aguilar succumbed to his injuries and died at the scene. Both pigs are back on the job, after their paid vacation. Your tax dollars at work, California.

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