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Friday, May 6, 2016

How's The Coffee?

Businesses that allow you to use their wifi are nice, aren't they? Especially when coffee is served nearby!  I've noticed you, quite a few times, here on my site. You spend quite a bit of time, checking and double checking certain posts; my tracker records all of it. In fact, my tracker has a name for you: it is You've been doing this for a couple of years now, not always from the above IP, but; nonetheless, reading and rereading all of this site's posts about a certain subject.

Usually, such interest in a topic is accompanied by a relevant comment or an email, with a coherent question and identifying information from the sender. As long as the contact is friendly, and no threats or other ugliness is involved, there is never a problem. the past couple of years, what have you so fervently sought here, on this site? What do you want?

As for the posts that seem to grab your attention, they are not going away. The current information surprised yours truly, as well as quite a few others, but it stood up to fact checks and is, sadly, true. If you actually care about the person involved, you should tell her to make amends and reparations. I intend to continue to write about the matter until it is completely amended. I will also cover it elsewhere, because it is public information, and this is an election year. Since this site is my personal blog, I also have posts on the subject already published, scheduled to appear on certain dates. No matter what happens, those posts will appear at the time they are scheduled to appear. Even if the entire Midwest, from.....ahem....Zionsville, Indiana to Colorado suddenly ceases to exist, the posts on the subject that interests you so much will appear! The only person who can interfere is yours truly.

I hope you have enjoyed your coffee. It's been fun chatting with you.

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Anonymous said...

Great post...than for keeping us informed!!