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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Is It Now Legal To Impede Law Enforcement?

Interesting.The Bundy Brothers and their entourage have been acquitted of any wrongdoing in the charges against them, stemming from their standoff with federal officers earlier this year, in Multnomah County, Oregon. For just under six weeks, Ammon Bundy and some of his family and friends engaged in a standoff with the federal government over the right to use land at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge for ranching. The Bundys thought ranching and all of the farm waste and trampling of plant life by cattle was in order for the wildlife refuge, and government officials told them to ranch elsewhere, preferably on their own property. They chose, instead, to threaten police with guns and stay there, making a giant mess, for over a month. Now they have been acquitted.

There are two reasons why this is outrageous. First; most people who threaten cops with guns end up either dead or serving prison sentences. Why is this group different, and why did a jury think threatening a cops with guns is okay? Second; Bundy and Company made a terrible mess. Below is a picture of part of the mess they left behind, when they were arrested in February of 2016.

Another question some people might ask is whether or not it is now legal to question authority in the ongoing conflict involving the Dakota Access Pipeline. On Thursday, police arrested 141 people, Native Americans and environmentalists, who protested in North Dakota because the crude oil pipeline will go through water supplies and burial sites. Police have been brutal toward protesters, regardless of whose land is involved. Why do the Bundy Brothers get to stage a standoff, while others cannot even exercise their first amendment rights?

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