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Friday, March 31, 2017

Trump Threatens Republicans Who Represent Their Districts

Above is an excerpt from the Washington Post, quoting Donald Trump. He is very, very upset with a group of Republican congressmen who voted according to the wishes of their districts on repealing Obamacare, rather than the way Trump pressured them to vote. He thinks that he should threaten Congress to give America what it does not want, and he thinks that representatives are there to serve him, not their constituents.

When did it become Trump's job to "run" someone for Congress in a district where he does not live? It is not the job of Donald Trump to determine by whom other Americans may be represented in Congress, and it is not the job of his supporters to attempt to stick Americans with a country that only delivers threats and corruption, either.

Trump should also consider laying off Twitter. If he has problems getting along with members of his own party, he should either keep it to himself, or learn to get along with them.

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