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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Elizabeth Thomas Missing

Fifteen year old Elizabeth Thomas was last seen in Columbia, Tennessee, in the company of a teacher at her school, a fifty year old man by the name of Tad Cummins. Now there is an active Amber Alert. It seems that Mr. Cummins planned this disappearance. He researched possible methods the police could use to track him, and he also researched the possibility of marrying someone as young as Elizabeth. Something he forgot is that he is already married, and in America, one may marry as many times as one wishes, but one must get divorced between nuptials.

Below are pictures of Elizabeth, Cummins, and the vehicle Cummins used when he was last seen. There is also a number for anyone with information to call. Please, if you know anything or have seen either Cummins or Elizabeth Thomas, call law enforcement.

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