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Friday, March 24, 2017

Tad Cummins Bought Hair Dye

It has been reported that Tad Cummins, the suspect involved in the disappearance of fifteen year old Elizabeth Thomas, of Tennessee, was picked up by a Walmart Surveillance camera while buying hair dye, shortly before kidnapping Elizabeth. This means that both of them may have altered their appearances. Below is a picture of them, and a picture of Elizabeth with a darker hair color. Cummins's vehicle is also in the picture, but he may be driving a different vehicle by now. Craigslist sellers, be on the lookout! If you think he has responded to your advertisement on Craigslist, please let local police know. Also, Tad Cummins is now among the top ten most wanted on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's list. He has at least two handguns, and is obviously dangerous.

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