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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Private Message

I've been following the situation with your son for over a year now. I just want to say that I wish him well, and if he recovers, I will be very happy for him. No question about that. I have some reservations about you, though. You do remember when you badmouthed me behind my back, because you don't like my religion, don't you? I didn't have any use for your born-again church, and I told my children that if, while pretending to teach classes, you continued to mention your silly take on Christianity, they didn't have to listen to you. I'm sure you remember. Even after you quit teaching because no one else liked your approach, either, you still, despite being holier than everyone else, never bothered to teach your children to obey the laws of the land. That brings me to my big question for you: when are you going to get on Facebook and admit to the world that your son's injuries in his car accident were not really the result of failure to use a seat belt, but failure to remain sober while driving? I know alcohol was involved, because I asked the sheriff of the county where your son's vehicle flipped over. How come you have accepted monetary donations without straight-up honesty about it? I am not a Christian, and not terribly religious at all, but I know enough about the new testament to tell you that lying and fraud are wrong. Possibly even more wrong, from a moral standpoint, than teaching your children that the laws of the land do not apply to them. Just tell the truth.

Oh, by the way; "the devil" is not responsible for what happened to your son when he drove drunk last May. Your son is responsible for it. And so are you, indirectly. If you had not chosen to send your children to school where virtually all of the children drink alcoholic beverages, with the approval of teachers, despite the laws against it, your son would probably have never been where he was that night, and if your son had chosen to be "different" enough to abide by the laws of the state and the laws of the land, despite the majority of the student body of his school, the whole thing would never have happened. The youth pastor of your church has been made aware of this, so unless you want to acknowledge that the devil is in the details and tell the truth, you should leave the devil out of it.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever consider all the good you could do if you utilized the time you spend continually condemning and judging others to provide love and encouragement to those in need? You are obviously a talented writer, how much happier would you be if you used it for good?

Juli Henry said...

Ummm.....what makes you think I do not use my talents for "good"? I have not condemned anyone. As for judging, the only religion that has an on-again off-again taboo against it (depends on who the victim is) is Christianity, and since I am not a Christian, I am free to judge. At this moment, it is my judgement that none of my children will ride in a vehicle driven by the children of the person to whom this private message is directed. A lot of other parents around here could stand to be a bit more judgemental, as well, but I am sure that after that last ride with the young man described in this post, their insurance companies informed them of that.

Get used to Christians being judged in a negative light. President Pussygrabber announced, on national television, that he is a "strong Christian". He also has a troubling proclivity for white collar crime. Hopefully, he will shame the people I like to condemn and judge into changing their ways and straightening up.

Juli Henry said...

Oh; I completely forgot to mention that the person to whom the post is directed had no problem lying about me behind my back to others in this town, and the bible apparently did not instruct her to refrain from her sadassed attempts to destroy my family. According to Titus 3:10, this crap is not only wrong, but her church should kick her out until she publicly repents. That will include an apology to me that is as public as her sins against me. Or are you suggesting that it is okey-dokey to sin against me, but not okey-dokey to judge her, and call her out on her lies? If so, I have a message for you: it is not okay to sin against me. Inasmuch as I'm concerned, her wrongs to me are a debt that must be paid.

Have you considered that the real reason she left her son in Frankfort when she moved out of the area was her fear that he might get into legal trouble because he drank while under age, and drove that way? Are you aware of how it looks when she never, ever speaks about this on the Facebook page she set up for her son's situation?

She owes me an apology for lying about me behind my back.

Anonymous said...

Why did you use a picture of a hot dog for this?

Juli Henry said...

This picture of the hot dog is a sarcastic reference to the town where this young man lived when he had his accident; Frankfort, Kansas. A hot dog is a "frankfurter", and I have always preferred my frankfurters with mustard and relish, not with lies and fraud.