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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Private Message

Okay, rhinoceros-ass, you can howl and whine all you want. You ruin every opportunity that comes your way by lying and interfering in the affairs of real people with actual pursuits while doing nothing helpful or constructive. I tried to help with certain objectives, but you were unwilling to take the necessary responsibility involved. Don't act as if you were a victim.....and stop mooching! The reason no one wants to pick you up when you hitchhike and the reason you have so many problems finding lodging is because you're a big, fat, dishonest, ugly mooch.

You should stop telling people you've never taken anything from anyone when your dirty Starbucks cup gets thrown away by whoever cleans up after you've graced a building with your smelly presence. Twenty dollars disappeared from a child's wallet while you were here.

The type of emergency medical care you recently mooched was not the kind you need. While being as fat as a rhinoceros is certainly a physical problem, the kind of perception that causes a fatty such as yourself to eat entire cupboards full of food in one sitting and force children to fight you for a meal, or for shelter, is a much more grave problem. Unfortunately, others with grave problems also do not deserve to be forced to share quarters and resources with you, either. Is that what the volunteer from the shelter told you, before you dissed him on Facebook? Or did he just refuse to comply with some silly-assed demand you made, which would have forced him to displace actual disaster and emergency victims, should he have attempted to enable you?

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