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Monday, April 20, 2015

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Many Amercans, at this point, think that there should be reforms made to the laws governing campaign financing for politicians running for office. From Fox News to Fact Checks, we end up with very little actual information and even less in the way of kept campaign promises and enterprising souls such as the Koch Brothers end up buying elections. Of the matter of corruption, there can be no doubt.....but does one ask for change by flying a gyrocopter into the no-fly zone over the Capitol and landing in the west lawn? Well, one person does. His name is Doug Hughes. And now he's "frustrated", according to Yahoo News, because his "message isn't getting out." Where's the eye-rolley when I need it?

What's wrong with joining one of the many committees devoted to reforming the campaign donations are collected and earmarked for various purposes? What's wrong with writing letters to representatives and lobbyists who have picked up that concern? Hughes hails from Florida, but if he is willing to travel to Washington D.C. to fly his gyrocopter toy in front of the Capitol, and get arrested while doing it, it would certainly not have been too much more difficult to travel to Kansas, instead, and find out how the scandal involving campaign loans between Governor Brownback and Jeff Colyer is going. Those two are under the investigation of a grand jury. The gyrocopter really didn't accomplish anything and most of us would not have associated the stunt with campaign finances or corruption. Hopefully, the next reformer will run for office himself, or write a book, rather than get arrested by flying a toy into a no-fly zone.

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